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   Festool   Orbital Sanders

DTS 400 EQ

The DTS 400 is designed for fine sanding small, angular surfaces that are difficult to reach. With a short 5/64" (2 mm) stroke, this sander gives you a super-fine finished surface. Both compact and lightweight (2.4 lbs), the DTS 400 is the ideal sander for working on vertical and overhead surfaces.

Product No. 567871

RTS 400 EQ

The RTS 400 is ideal for working on flat, vertical, and overhead surfaces because of its compact design and weight of only 2.4 lbs. Like the DTS 400, step-less variable speed improves working results, and vibration-stop balancing reduces fatigue during prolonged use.

Product No. 567863

RS 2 E

The RS 2 the perfect choice for fine sanding large surfaces. An additional ergonomic hand grip enhances controllability and reduces fatigue during long sessions. This sander is especially good for applications that require an absolutely even surface (like tabletops).

Product No. 567696