Festool  Festool Dust Extractor Workcenter WCR 1000

WCR 1000 Workcenter Organizer

The Workcenter can be mounted easily to almost any Festool Dust Extractor and is designed to help you organize your workspace for maximum efficiency.

Product No. 497471

Rotary Shelf for

Swivels 360 ͦ with holes for hand tool storage.

Product No. 497472

Universal Hook

Double hook design to accomodate tools such as drills or nail guns.

Product No. 497473

Double Hook Tool Rest

Generous deep hooks accommodate tools such as sanders or Domino Joiner.

Product No. 497474

Profile Key Fastener

Fastener to attach double hooks to profile (2 pieces).

Product No. 497476

Single Prong Hook for
WCR 1000 Workcenter

Single prong hook for "pegboard" (6 pieces).

Product No. 497475

Spray Gun Hook

Holder for spray guns for paint or finish.

Product No. 498361

to Attach Hooks to Profile

Shelf that mounts to "pegboard".

Product No. 497476

MFH 1000 Multifunction Stool

Extremely versatile work stool. Durable steel construction, mobile workstool, and a customizage storage chest. Sturdy generous drawer and deep internal shelf with pegboard sides provide ample storage options that can be easily customized to meet your specific needs.

Product No. 498967