The Festool air sander can be adjusted with one finger, while running.


All Festool tools have a 3 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

   Festool   Air Sanders







LEX 2 150/7
Finish Sander

The LEX 2 150/3 and LEX 2 150/7 offer a very tight sanding stroke to minimize scratch patterns beyond what the human eye can see and what the hand can feel. A good finish is more than a stain, a sealer, or paint, it is a surface that is absolutely smooth to the touch.

Product No. 691132

LEX 2 185/7
Large Surface Sanding

When it comes to large surface sanding, bigger is better. The LEX 2 185/7 is big all over; big pad, big stroke, big power, and big on longevity. The CT 33 dust extractor (with the Festool-designed compressed air tool system), the Jetstream pad, and the IAS 2 hose can capture the dust and contain it.

Product No. 691124