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   Festool  Systainer Accessories

Carry Handle

Additional handle for SYS 1 TL and SYS 2 TL. Attaches to front of Systainer for vertical cary position.

Product No. 497856

Price $ 17.00

Clear Plastic Sleeves

Protective sleeves for use with custom lavels on T-LOC Systainers. (10 pieces)

Product No. 497855
Price $ 8.00

Red Plastic Compartments
for SYS 1 Box TL

12 Pieces

Product No. 498038
Price $ 19.00

Yellow Plastic Compartments
for SYS 1 Box TL

6 Pieces

Product No. 498039
Price $ 13.00

Blue Plastic Compartments
for SYS 1 Box TL

3 Pieces

Product No. 498040
Price $ 8.00

Green Plastic Compartments
for SYS 1 Box TL

2 Pieces

Product No. 498041

Price $ 8.00

Tool Organizer

Wooden insert keeps hand tools organized and easy to grab and go. No more digging around for the right tool. Insert comes with SYS 4 TL.

Product No. 497658
Price $ 170.00

Foam Insert Set

Dimpled insert (for lid), 1 base insert and 1 diced insert to convert empy Systainers to SYS Vari configurations.

Product No. 497877
Price $ 29.00

Foam Insert for SYS-MAXI

For Lid

Product No. 491633
Price $ 20.00

Foam Insert for SYS-MAXI

For Bottom

Product No. 491632
Price $ 13.00

Foam Insert for SYS-MINI

For Lid

Product No. 491638
Price $ 6.00


The new low-profile, rugged SYS-Cart allows you to create custom assortments of tools and accessories for job-specific tasks. Large 3-15/16" locking casters easily maneuver cracks and obstacles, while ensuring that your goods stay put. Locking latches grip your SYS-components securely, while a wide base eliminates concern over top-heavy stacks of equipment. Easily transport up to 220 lbs in less time, and with less fatigue.

Product No. 495020
Price $ 94.00